Eaton Launches New Line of Preassembled Enclosed E-Stops

Eatonís new line of preassembled enclosed emergency stop stations (e-stops) is the perfect solution for equipment that requires remote or local emergency shut-off control. Eatonís e-stops are prelabeled, allowing the end user to purchase the product that corresponds to the exact application they will be using it for, leaving only the wiring and mounting for installation.

With other e-stops currently on the market, end users are required to label the e-stop themselves. Because the labels for Eatonís new line of e-stops are custom-made for Eaton enclosures, there is a significant improvement in the look and durability of the device.

The new line of e-stops offers a wide range of possible functions, such as:

  • Fuel shut-off
  • HVAC shut-down
  • Electrical disconnect
  • Boiler shut-down
  • Refrigeration stop
  • Power off
  • Generator stop
  • Gas shut-off
  • Ventilation shut-down
  • Chiller stop
  • Boiler fuel pump indicating
  • Generator fuel flow indicating
  • Power control stations switch
  • Fuel switch
  • Fan switch
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Learn more about Eatonís e-stops here [pdf]

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