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Featured Products and Promotions

Try a Red Lion Panel Meter, FREE!

Red Lion Panel Meters

Red Lion has more high quality solutions for your digital panel meter requirements than any other supplier. A wider range of models, sizes, and capabilities from our basic CUB indicators to the versatile PAX process meters that let you add or change capabilities with plug-and-play, field installable cards. When the world thinks of panel meters, they think of Red Lion.

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Chevron® Wing Pulley from Superior

Superior Industries

Designed and built like no other pulley on the market today, Superiorís patented Chevron wing pulley ends decades of frustration associated with bent wings, wedged material and a history of under-performing pulley expectations.

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Ferraz Shawmut Fuses...
Protecting People and Equipment

Ferraz Shawmut

Erie Bearings cares about electrical and fuse safety. That's why we are working with Ferraz-Shawmut's Fuse Control™ program to protect your people and equipment.
Click the link below to get more information about fuse safety documents, special product offerings, Ferraz Shawmut's Fuse Control™ program, and much more!

Learn more about fuse safety here

LPS Workplace Hand Cleaners

LPS® Laboratories

LPS® Workplace Hand Cleaners effectively remove heavy dirt, oil and grease from hands.

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Rayovac Batteries & Flashlights


Rayovac Ultra Pro® Batteries Manufactured in the USA!

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HELP Program

HELP Program

Take the Right Road to Success. Let Erie Bearings H.E.L.P. you cut costs and improve productivity.

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