Rayovac Performance

  • Engineered for professional use
  • Manufactured in the USA!
  • 7 year shelf life! Labels also include date coded "best if used by" dates
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) data proving Rayovac is equal to or greater than any other major battery brand including Energizer® and Duracell®
  • Mercury-Free formula — better for the environment

Rayovac Packaging

  • Shrink Packs - Economical convenient packaging
  • Contractor Packs - Convenient reclosable, reusable containers that protect against damage and short-ciruiting
  • Bulk Packs
Contractor Packages
Rayovac® Ultra Pro™ Alkaline AAA Size
Reclosable 18 Pack
$8.28 each
Rayovac® Ultra Pro™ Alkaline AA Size
Reclosable 24 Pack
$11.04 each
Rayovac® Ultra Pro™ Alkaline D Size
Reclosable 12 Pack
$14.16 each
Shrink-Wrapped Packages
Rayovac® Ultra Pro™ Alkaline AAA Size
Shrink-Wrapped 8 Pack
$3.52 each
Rayovac® Ultra Pro™ Alkaline AA Size
Shrink-Wrapped 8 Pack
$3.52 each
Rayovac® Ultra Pro™ Alkaline C Size
Shrink-Wrapped 6 Pack
$5.16 each
Rayovac® Ultra Pro™ Alkaline D Size
Shrink-Wrapped 6 Pack
$6.96 each
Rayovac® Ultra Pro™ Alkaline 9-Volt
Shrink-Wrapped 6 Pack
$9.84 each
* Large volume discounts available *

#1 Flashlight brand
in the U.S.
Over 50 models to choose from!
A Rayovac® classic. Bright and tough with usable features that make this flashlight line a true customer favorite. For the toolbox, the vehicle or the home, these tried and true flashlights work as hard as the customers who want them. With attributes such as chemical, water, and impact resistance, these lights are sure to get the job done.
2 Cell D Size Yellow Industrial Flashlight with Krypton Bulb
$4.64 each
True to its name, the Roughneck® is the toughest, most durable flashlight Rayovac® makes. With a shock absorbing bulb system, it withstands a 7-10 foot drop test. Has spot-to-flood focus capabilities and is water resistant.
2 Cell D Size Roughneck™ Xenon Flashlight without Batteries
$8.28 each
Whether on the patio, in the woods, or in case of a power outage, the Rayovac Sportsman line offers customers bright solutions at a great value. Lighting a path or an entire area comes easy with these lights.
Sportsman™ 0.5 Watt Aluminum Flashlight w/ Holsters & Batteries
$12.24 each
Sportsman™ Xtreme
Rayovac® has been producing quality work lights since 1914 and the trusted Sportsman™ line since 1949. These lights are worthy of the name Sportsman™ Xtreme. High Power LEDs, machined from aircraft grade aluminum, a variety of safety options and sporting a high end attitude these lights are "Xtreme".
Sportsman™ Xtreme 3C 4W LED Metal Light
$25.46 each
Remington™ Lights
Developed using input from professional hunters world wide for peak performance in the harshest environments. These lights feature the absolute latest in High-Performance LED technology. Including benefits like color-changing LEDs and Extreme Track, a blood tracking mode, these lights offer unique features while delivering the quality and dependability expected from the Remington brand.
Remington 3AAA 2in1 60 Lumen LED Flashlight/ Lantern w/ Batteries & Holster
$31.41 each