Red Lion Panel Meters

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Give us your panel meter and trade up to a superior Red Lion® panel meter for free.

We're so confident you'll find Red Lion panel meters superior to what you're using now, we'll take it in trade – working or not– and give you a free Red Lion replacement.

Once again, for nine years running, the readers of Control Design have spoken, naming Red Lion as their preferred choice for panel mounted indicator and control devices. Maybe it's because there's a high-quality Red Lion panel meter for every application in a wider range of models, sizes, and capabilities. Digital and analog. From our compact CUB indicators to the versatile PAX® process meters that let you add or change capabilities with plug-and-play, field installable cards. From counters to tachometers, timers, voltage, current, temperature, process and strain gauge meters, when the world thinks of panel meters, they think of Red Lion.

Having the best controls and indicators on your panel is an advantage. Getting one free is even better!