Urathon Return Rolls & Chevron® Wing Pulley from Superior

Erie Bearings Company is now stocking a large selection of material handling components! We can ship same day from our huge selection of Superior Industries components including: idlers, head pulleys, Urathon Return Rolls, and the patented Chevron Wing Pulley.

Superior Industries

Meet Mr. Up-time —
Urathon Return Rolls &
Chevron® Wing Pulley

  • No maintenance, self-cleaning rolls shed sticky material.
  • Material buildup is the leading cause of belt related maintenance issues.
  • Lasts at least 3X longer than traditional rubber tires.
  • Spiral option also cleans dirty side of belt.
"Some of our steel rolls got so heavy with material they stopped rolling. This led to all kinds of problems. These rolls save us time and money by eliminating all the downtime we used to have in idler changeouts."

Life Extending Benefits

Dispelling Material
– Chevron pulley wings are V-shaped to deflect material from becoming entrapped better than standard wings.
Reduced Wing Bending
– The V-shaped wings deflect fugitive material out and away, making it difficult to get rocks wedged between wings & belt causing wing tipping and belt damage.
Extends Life of Conveyor Belt
– Less material entrapment that punctures belt.
– Significantly reduced beating action due to the Chevron pulley’s wings being in constant contact with the belt.
– Testing provided by Fenner Dunlop®
– A standard wing pulley averages 120 db while the Chevron wing pulley is only 70 db. The difference is comparable of a jet engine to a vacuum.
Interested in the Chevron® Wing Pulley, Idlers or any other Superior products?
Chevron® Wing Pulley
Chevron® Wing Pulley
Superior Idler Line

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